FDA finds only 2
of 24 CBD products
have what they say
they have in them.


Our mission is simple – To provide the highest quality CBD products available at an affordable price.

The above headline is what ultimately led to the creation of our small, family run company, Living Matrix. Knowing the negatives of pharmaceutical drugs we turned to cannabis, specifically CBD, because of its non – intoxicating properties, no high. We tried many different brands and different potencies. Every company claimed to have the best product . Yet the results were inconsistent. 

There is nothing more upsetting than spending hard earned money on a bottle of CBD oil and feeling very little or no effects at all. We couldn’t understand why this was the case. As we gained knowledge of CBD we also came to realize that some of the brands we were using didn’t have a third party test their product . In case you don’t know, third party testing is having a neutral, unbiased source,

usually a reputable cannabis laboratory, examine the content and quality of a companies products and providing a certificate or lab report explaining the results of testing.

And then we found the above headline. Now we understood what was going on . With the CBD industry being unregulated it was as one well known hemp website called it, like the wild west ! It was at this point that the idea of starting a small company with a focus on transparency and quality started to take shape. We formed relationships with trustworthy hemp farms and were able to craft an honest product for our personal use. We started supplying our friends and family. We now have expanded and have created an online company, Living Matrix. 

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The source of our hemp must be from USA organic, non-GMO, pesticide free farms.

Provide a recent third party lab report (Certificate Of Analysis) for every batch and product to ensure quality.


Full Transparency – have all of our products third party tested twice. Once after manufacturing and once before sale.

Have a fair pricing structure and pass on what savings we can to our customers.