How Our Products
Are Different

Our CBD products are the highest quality CBD products available anywhere. Living Matrix “Spectrum Plus” products are made from the finest Hemp Oils using low pressure and low temperature technology which preserves the natural elements of the plant. Living Matrix “Spectrum Plus” are TRUE FULL-SPECTRUM extracts that are derived from a safe food-grade extraction process which preserves the nutritional value of the plant. All of our products are controlled from seed to shelf and are tested in a ISO 9001 certified lab having the highest testing standards available. We follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – the gold standard in manufacturing. Our products are Non-GMO and Pesticides free and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The CBD oil derived through our low – pressure and low – temperature extraction technology preserves the natural elements of the plant. The CBD oil derived through our low – pressure and low – temperature extraction technology preserves the natural elements of the plant.

What separates our CBD oil products from the other on the market?

Before we answer this question let’s get through the basics. CBD products are created from CBD isolate, CBD distillate and CBD concentrate. The majority of the products found on the market today are created from CBD isolate. Our “Spectrum Plus” products are created using the finest full-spectrum terpene rich oil which contains the natural elements of the plant.

What is CBD isolate?

It is a sub-product created after multiple chemical treatments of the CBD extract. Through that process all of the very beneficial plant compounds (like flavors, fragrances, etc.) are lost. What you are left with is pure CBD which is then used to create final products. Why is that bad? There are around 3000 terpenes known in the world, around 400 of those are found in the cannabis/hemp plant and 70 of them are part of the the cannabinoids derived from the hemp flower. All of these very beneficial compounds are lost when an isolate is made. Also lost are many beneficial cannabinoids other than CBD such as CBC and CBG (“Spectrum Plus” contains these cannabinoids).

Top CBD Isolate Risks

Many products currently on the market are derived from isolate, which is a pure concentration of CBD (only one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant). Use of isolate into consumer products can lead to: potential of trapping Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents and Pesticides. In addition, due to lack of regulations, there are also products which use synthetically derived isolate imported primarily from China. Due to the fact that CBD isolate can be derived through laboratory synthesis, there is no guarantee that the isolate used in the product is actually derived from nature.

Why our CBD extracts and CBD oils better?

Botanical oils are extracted through the use of different types of solvents: oil soluble compounds, alcohol soluble compounds and water soluble compounds.. Using the right solvent is of major importance for extraction of the TRUE full-spectrum CBD oil. Use of steam or CO2 have never been an efficient method for extraction of oils. Our extraction method is the best way to preserve all the terpenes as they exist in the plant without additional post processing and chemical treatment.

How Is our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Different?

The room-temperature (75F) Low Pressure (LPE) extraction process used for our “Spectrum Plus Products” produces a very potent full spectrum extract with an undamaged terpene profile with superior characteristics of flavor and aroma.

Our true full-spectrum oil is extracted at room temperature by a proprietary process to preserve all true natural ingredients without any post processing and harmful solvents. Our oil provides a complete spectrum of all the cannabinoids in the plant for maximum effect, enhanced by a multiple terpene profile. Simply put, “Spectrum Plus” by Living Matrix is the finest full spectrum CBD oil available today! Our full spectrum products will provide you with most health benefits possible, the full “entourage” effect, from the hemp plant. Try our “Spectrum Plus” oils. We promise! You will be glad you did!



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Fruit Flavored CBD Gummy Cubes

Cannabidiol (CBD) is distributed in a wide array of forms such as tinctures, oils, lotions, and capsules. However, one of the most popular types of CBD are edible CBD gummies. Our gummies are colorful and are made with all-natural ingredients. This chewy edible is every bit as potent as other forms of CBD. A single gummy supplies all the health benefits of a full dose of cannabidiol.

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